Thrive at Work 2021

We recognise that during Covid businesses have been impacted in ways that have never been experienced before – not just through their usual business operations and customer base, but also in how their staff are coping with this unprecedented pandemic.

But staff wellbeing has always been absolutely vital to the success of a business at any time. Poor staff wellbeing can lead to high levels of absence and staff turnover, impacting on the productivity and profitability of the business – the company’s bottom line. One study showed that in the previous 12 months over £1.1 million had been lost by a company owing to sickness.

Thrive at Work has been developed by the West Midlands Combined Authority and is a FREE support programme being offered by the Midlands Engine to businesses right across the Midlands area – from Hereford to the Humber. The programme helps companies to support their staff by putting easy-to-achieve, practical measures in place to ensure healthy staff wellbeing, and has been proven to boost productivity, staff retention and business resilience, and reduce sickness absences.

As an accredited Thrive at Work business, not only will you look good for recruitment and contracts in a competitive marketplace as a responsible employer, but you, and your staff, will know that you take their health and wellbeing seriously. And even though there will be so many pressures on your business at this time, surely that message is as important now as never before.

To find out more visit the Thrive at Work or attend the upcoming event on 25 February 2021. Alternatively, contact the team or 0121 214 7861.