Introducing the AMTECAA programme

If you're looking to explore how advanced manufacturing technologies can help you be more productive or provide a competitive edge then why not see what fully funded support you can access through the AMTECAA (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to Create, Activate & Automate) programme.

What is it?

£11m programme funded by ERDF and the University of Birmingham

Support SMEs looking for technology-based support to accelerate their business

Who is it for?

Manufacturing SMEs who are looking to use using advanced manufacturing technologies to help solve:

- Current manufacturing challenges

- Explore future opportunities

How does the programme support SMEs?

Topical workshops on advanced manufacturing technologies

Bespoke collaborative projects giving access to equipment and expertise focused on your business needs.


Support is available for SMEs in the Midlands including the Black Country.

Click here to find out more by visiting the AMTECAA website