How to get the right business finance to grow

We understand that in uncertain times, it is important not to rush into taking out a loan. But with sound advice from our impartial finance experts at Business Finance Finder, we hope you feel empowered to get the right finance solution to set your business on a path of recovery and sustainable growth.

Below are some of the most popular business finance options that have worked well for other members:

  • Property finance, such as a commercial mortgage, can help you to buy your premises. It’s rare for businesses to be able to buy a property outright, as this requires a large upfront investment.
  • Asset finance helps your business to access the equipment you need, like machinery, computers, office equipment, or vehicles, with an agreed monthly repayment over a period of time, typically one to three years.
  • Growth Finance is ideal if your business is looking to expand or enter new markets. Whether you’re developing new products, buying new equipment, or embarking on new sales initiatives, a business loan can help you generate more revenue and profit.
  • Invoice finance is a way of borrowing money against unpaid invoices for a fee. You can receive up to 85% of the value of an invoice immediately, which can help to ease cash flow worries. The funder will collect the money owed from your invoices, and pay you the balance, less any fees.

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(Blog post written by the Finpoint UK team)