Success for the Super Sprucers and M.J. Southall Contractors



M. J. Southall Contractors Ltd provide customers of any size or sector with a more cost-effective alternative to buying new ground and can save them an estimated 90% when compared to the cost of buying brand new.

The company has a dedicated team called The Super Sprucers who offer services such as: pressure washing, sealant protection, tarmac recolouring, concrete print recolouring and graffiti removal.



Matthew, Director of the company, got in touch with the BC Growth Hub team to find out what kind of support they could access.

The company were looking for ongoing support, not just for their initial start-up period. Matthew told the team he was looking for networking opportunities, information about funding and about procurement processes.

Matthew also wanted to find out more about advertising on social media which was new ground for the company.



Lucy, Business Development Manager within the BC Growth Hub Team, helped the company by listening to their queries and then proceeded to provide a list of local training courses and events which would help them address the gaps in their knowledge. She also sent over routes to training materials online in relation to social media advertising which is new ground for the company.

In regards to funding, Lucy helped Matthew to find secondary sources of funding to consider, in case the company were unsuccessful in securing funds from an ongoing application.



M. J. Southall Contractors Ltd are receiving ongoing support for their business and have since been awarded funding which enabled them to start to put their plans into action.

Matthew’s partner is a student at Birmingham City University and understands the variety and value of knowledge available to the business via other students. This is why the company is now working with BCU to engage with students who can help in certain areas by offering their unique and current knowledge or skillset to help with any skills gaps the company is facing.

In return the student receives a real-life case study to compliment their CV and endorse their skills which will increase their chances of accessing future job opportunities.


I started this process with a firm business idea and over the time taken to develop this business, my business plan changed over and over again, until eventually, I had finally shaped it into something quite different to what I started with.

Matthew James Southall

M. J. Southall Contractors Ltd