Sandstone Yoga & Pilates reaches new heights with BCGH



Sandstone Yoga & Pilates is a training franchise which has to date opened 3 studios in Aldridge, Sutton Coldfield and Bearwood.

The company focuses on bringing on board new franchisee’s that wish to start an existing or a blossoming career in Yoga.

A self-managed franchise has the potential to be a lifestyle business with a professional salary for those who are committed, driven, resilient and solution focused. Sandstone HQ are dedicated to building up the asset of a branded business which could be sold at a later date or managed to be a successful studio.



Sandstone Yoga & Pilates wanted to broaden their presence as a franchise opportunity and needed to meet key contacts to assist in its development.

The business owner, Michelle Nicklin, wanted to reach out to a wider local community of potential franchisees and have a recognised platform to present the opportunity of owning your own studio to a more focused demographic.

The business wants to open a further 7 franchises in the next 12 to 18 months, with a long-term plan of developing the brand further. With an aim to be seen as a national opportunity, eventually the company wants to expand to an international market.



Black Country Growth Hub identified key contacts which the business should be connected with and made the relevant referrals and introductions to local growth programmes and key contacts, specifically relating to funding and mentoring.

Suggested growth programmes included Natwest Boost (a business growth enabler), Aston Programme for Business and Aston Business School.


I have found BCGH to be an excellent support, they have understood my business and goals, regularly checking in with me to see how each step is going and offering advice when needed. As we grow and develop, we look forward to BCGH being part of our long term history.

Michelle Nicklin

Owner, Sandstone Yoga & Pilates



Through the Growth Hub, Sandstone Yoga & Pilates has obtained the right connections to move forward and take on new franchisee’s. The suggested growth programmes will enable the company to form a new approach, equipped with the right knowledge and skills, which will be gained from business mentoring.

The company now also has the right contacts to approach regarding funding to support various actions, which will help them to overcome any financial challenges they may face when expanding their franchise opportunities.