Perez Consulting works towards a new approach to social care


Perez Consulting has a vision to help every healthcare professional to find the right place for them, to offer continuity of care and be passionate for their patients.

The organisation helps healthcare executives to find opportunities in training and employment which suit their professional and care-oriented approach.

As the company director, Lijeh A. Perez wants the company to grow and be able to offer grants to publicly funded care establishments, while having a great impact on the social care sector.

Lijeh aspires to see a world where every man, woman and child will have access to healthcare which is beneficial to them, where staff take time to get to know their patients. This would enable clinicians to make more informed decisions, with tailored approaches to care.



As the future plans for the NHS are uncertain, Perez Consulting is working hard to ensure the private sector provides a solution to manage financial stresses, property needs, immigration and the care provided to patients.

Lijeh approached the Growth Hub to gain key contacts which could help the organisation fulfil its vison of being a pioneer to reform mental health and disability care.

This includes looking for opportunities for investment in the company, events which Lijeh can network with other professionals and general help to build his consultancy.



Lijeh discussed his situation and vision with Wayne at BCGH, who was able to connect him with a number of useful opportunities and contacts.

One of which being an event by Goldman Sachs in relation to their 10,000 small businesses programme. This is designed to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing access to education, capital and business support services.

Through the event Lijeh was introduced to the VP of Goldman Sachs who has expressed his agreement with Lijeh’s ideas and theories regarding the future of the social care/public sector.

Lijeh was also signposted to Maven Capital Partners who are helping him to make his business investment-ready.


The Black Country Growth hub has been pivotal in the start-up phase of my business. The growth hub staff are always courteous, and very informative. Right from the first call I felt like I was talking to people with a genuine interest in seeing me succeed. Given that my business is founded on giving people a voice, the growth hub seems to have the same outlook as us which has lead to my feeling like I can be open and honest. From start-up loans, equity investment, events, the growth hub has great advice and connections. Don't know where I'd have started without you guys.

Mr Lijeh A. Perez

Founder and Director, Perez Consulting



Since contacting the growth hub, Perez Consulting has gone from strength to strength and only continues to grow and develop.

With Lijeh’s inspiring vision for the future of social care and his strong optimistic outlook, we are sure that Perez Consulting will achieve that vision and more.

The company is very happy with the support given by the growth hub and is working on investment opportunities as a result of signposting by Wayne, one of our dedicated business development co-ordinators.