KeyTracker are on the right track when it comes to Brexit


KeyTracker was established in 1996 and aims to tackle challenges faced by businesses handling more than one set of keys. The company has over 30 employees and a turnover of £2.6m.

Over the last few years, the company has expanded and evolved into different markets and developed its product line to provide a wide range of solutions to managing keys and valuable equipment.

Their sister company e-track manufactures intelligent systems which provide audit trails – this is part of the business they would like to grow.


KeyTracker were seeking help and guidance to grow and be able to sell their products outside of the UK, particularly with Brexit in mind.

The company has already put in place a Brexit Planning document which they present to potential investors and customers to evidence their Brexit preparedness and their awareness of the possible implications it might bring to the company.


Including a referral to the Department of International Trade for export support, as well as to the ETICC (Enabling Technologies and Innovation Competences Challenge).

BCGH also provided information on a Brexit grant for IT systems via the Business Readiness Fund. The company wanted to ensure their technology was Brexit ready and would be able to withstand changing strategy along with the company if necessary.


KeyTracker have since placed their biggest order to date from their supplier in Frankfurt to show their commitment and minimise initial impact from importing goods within the EU.

This will mean any delays at port should not affect their ability to meet contracted orders. This is only the start of their commitment to being Brexit ready and limiting any possible negative impact.