Collins Aerospace to fly high with support from BCGH


Collins Aerospace are a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and the defence industry.

The company helps to tackle challenges by creating innovative smart solutions to increase safety and efficiency, such as helping pilots to reliably navigate to every corner of the globe.



The company are interested in capital investment regarding their Wolverhampton site and are in touch with various contacts about possible projects, including the Aerospace Technology Institute.

Collins Aerospace also wanted to enquire about increasing outreach activities and lowering their carbon footprint or saving energy.



BC Growth Hub identified various key contacts which the company would benefit in speaking to.

BCGH recognised that it would be beneficial for Finance and Productivity Lead, Dan Carins, to meet with the business and discuss their investment options. Dan visited the company and discussed a variety of possibilities.

BCGH made a note to refer the company to various partner contacts and programmes.



The company is now reviewing multiple investment opportunities.

The BCGH team liaised with core partners to put the company in touch with the Midlands Energy Hub to discuss a possible energy saving project.

The team also referred Collins Aerospace to the Careers & Enterprise Company in relation to their plans to increase outreach activities.

BCGH recognised that it may also benefit the company to work with the Economic Intelligence Unit (part of the Black Country Consortium) for any specific data about the region.