BCGH helps The Angle Ring Company shine a light on their energy efficiency


The Angle Ring Co Ltd are a specialist metal bending company based in Tipton, who provide options for supply, bending, forming, manipulation, fabrication and welding of metal in accordance with their clients’ specification and requirements.



Daniel Barnshaw, Managing Director, contacted the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and their International Trade team, who then referred the company to our Business Development team.

Angle Ring enquired about connecting with grant providers and accessing funding to help lower their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.



After speaking to the company, the BCGH team helped Daniel access key contacts and networking opportunities to help them make connections with grant providers.

Angle Ring were referred to Low Carbon Workspaces regarding a grant to help towards the cost of LED lighting in their workspace.

Low Carbon Workspace is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which helps businesses make energy improvements.



The company has since received a grant of £10,000 to help towards an investment into LED lighting in their workspace. This has greatly reduced their carbon footprint, as well as raising the lighting lux levels within their workshops.

Daniel was very happy with the communication and support provided by the Black Country Growth Hub team and its partners, such as the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

The process has encouraged the company to consider further investment into LED lighting for the remainder of their facility. This would help them to further reduce their carbon footprint and improve lighting levels, energy efficiency and utility costs.